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Reversing the Futility – The Plight of the Baltimore Orioles 2

Posted on June 06, 2010 by Alex Rendon

Getting rid of a manager is not going to automatically fix things for the troubles Baltimore Orioles.

As a franchise, firing your manager signals two things to your fan base:

1) This season marks the beginning of our quest to rebuild frantically in order to use it as an excuse for our inevitable suckdom.

2) Our team is now going to be less competitive than Jonah Hill in a triathlon so in order to keep you interested, Elliot Yamin or other reasonably famous people will possibly be signing stuff at the gate every Tuesday game from here on.

After 2 ½ seasons with the Baltimore Orioles, Dave Trembley was fired on June 4th after guiding the Orioles to a paltry .278 winning percentage through the club’s first 54 games.

Largely a victim of being in the wrong situation at the wrong time, Trembley never managed to win more than 68 games with the anemic Orioles, despite expectations each season that the Orioles would improve on the disappointment of the previous one.

Trembley’s dismissal actually came as little surprise to O’s fans as Trembley had recently come under fire for his mismanagement of the pitching staff,  lack of disciplinary tactics, and possibly for looking a little too much like William Shatner.

Now the Orioles are on a quest to find a way to somewhat compete in one of the toughest divisions in Major League Baseball history, as the American League East has produced a different World Series contender in 2009, 2008 and 2007. Read the rest of this entry →

Trembley’s Gone, But Orioles Still Have Lots Of Work Ahead 28

Posted on June 06, 2010 by Dean Hybl

Before their struggles of the last 13 years, the Baltimore Orioles were one of the best teams in baseball.

The Baltimore Orioles did the right thing to relieve Dave Trembley of his duties as manager, but  being outscored 19-2 by the Boston Red Sox in their first two games after his departure is a reminder that the troubles for this once proud franchise run much deeper than just one person.

It is difficult to remember that this is the same Orioles’ franchise that between 1966 and 1997 was arguably as significant and successful an organization as any in professional baseball.

During that span, the Orioles won three World Series, played in the World Series six times and reached the playoffs 10 times. Only the Oakland A’s with four World Series titles for their 10 playoff appearances and six World Series trips had a better showing during that stretch.

From the beginning of divisional play in 1969 through 1997, the Orioles won the American League East eight times while the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays each claimed the division five times.

In addition, with the opening of Camden Yards in 1992, the Orioles completely changed the landscape for how teams approached new stadiums. Most of the new ballparks opened over the last 18 years have been patterned after the ballpark in Baltimore that was the first to combine modern amenities with a retro feel that makes going to a baseball game a special experience.

So, given that impressive history, it illustrated just how bad things have gone over the last decade that in recent days a number of members of the national media have characterized the Orioles as the least relevant team in Major League Baseball.

Given that Kansas City and Pittsburgh have been worse than the Orioles for significantly longer, I’m not sure I completely agree with the characterization, but sadly they aren’t far from earning that distinction. Read the rest of this entry →

It Is Time For Dave Trembley To Go 7

Posted on June 03, 2010 by Dean Hybl

Dave Trembley has proven that he isn't the manager that can lead the turnaround of the Baltimore Orioles.

Given our tough economic situation, I am not generally in favor of seeing anyone lose their job. However, given the outrageous salaries in professional sports, I don’t have the same sympathy for anyone in that field. So, I have a clear conscious when I say that it is time for the Baltimore Orioles to finally put their fans out of their misery and fire manager Dave Trembley.

By all account, Trembley is really lucky to have made it through the first two months of the 2010 season.

Prior to the season, team president Andy MacPhail claimed that the rebuilding was over and that Trembley and the 2010 Orioles were ready to contend in the American League East.

As it has turned out, the 2010 Orioles are neither rebuilding nor contending. They are simply stinking.

Facing one of the toughest early season schedules in the league, the Orioles struggled out of the gate with a 5-18 record during the month of April.

Unfortunately, things didn’t get much better against an “easier’ schedule in May as the Orioles won just 10 of 28 games.

At this rate, they will be mathematically eliminated by the end of June and better get moving if they don’t want people to start comparing them to the 1962 Mets.

As a lifelong Orioles fan, I lived through the debacle of 1988 when the Orioles lost a record 21 straight games to start the season.

I never really believed the Orioles would ever steep to a lower level, but they are really very close right now. Read the rest of this entry →

Is This The Bottom For The Baltimore Orioles? 2

Posted on April 17, 2010 by Dean Hybl
MLB: Blue Jays vs Orioles APR 11

I want to start this piece by making it clear that I have been a loyal fan of the Baltimore Orioles for 40 years and hope to be a fan for another 40 years. While Tommy Lasorda may bleed Dodger blue, I bleed Orioles’ Orange.

For that reason, the start to the 2010 season has to be about as disappointing and disheartening as anything I have experienced during my long journey as a fan of the O’s.

Considering that I still have nightmares about the collapse in the 1979 World Series and endured lots of strange looks when I wore an Orioles shirt to parties during the 21-game losing streak to start the 1988 season, you can get a sense of just how hard it is to take the current state of the Birds.

All Baltimore fans have struggled with the disappointment of the last decade. It seems that since the O’s lost to Cleveland in the 1997 AL Championship Series the team has been going around in circles while the rest of baseball has been moving ahead.

Those of us who have followed the Orioles for decades still remember when we were even with, or for a long time ahead of, the Yankees and Red Sox. The biggest rivalry in the American League East in the 1970s and early 1980s wasn’t the Red Sox and Yankees, it was the Orioles and Yankees.

But now the gap between the Orioles and their two division rivals seems wider than the Grand Canyon. And to make it worse, the upstarts from Tampa, who despite the fact that they have a very good team can’t even get 15,000 people to a game on a regular basis, have also moved past the Orioles.

Like many other Orioles bloggers and fans, I have spent the last year in a state of cautious optimism. Read the rest of this entry →

Baltimore Orioles Announce Return of Dave Trembley For 2010 45

Posted on October 02, 2009 by Dean Hybl
Dave Trembley will have the chance to yell at more umpires in 2010.

Dave Trembley will have the chance to yell at more umpires in 2010.

At first reaction, the announcement on Friday that the Baltimore Orioles have retained the services of manager Dave Trembley for the 2010 season seems like a head-scratcher.

After all, typically in professional sports the fate of a manger is judged by wins and losses and in that area Trembley has failed miserably. Since Trembley became manager of the O’s midway through the 2007 season he has posted a 169-244 record and the team’s winning percentage has declined each season.

But, managing the Baltimore Orioles the last couple years as the team looks to build for the long haul has not been your typical job.

“When we embarked on this process, we made a commitment to our system to get as much young talent in there as we could,” said team president Andy MacPhail. “We knew when we made the trades that we made it would be a short term pain for us.

“While the win-loss record is obviously important, Dave’s primary job was to get as many talented young kids up here and have them grow and develop as major leaguers. In our judgment he did that. He absolutely did those things that were important.”
Read the rest of this entry →

Five Burning Questions Facing The Baltimore Orioles 2

Posted on August 16, 2009 by Dean Hybl
Andy MacPhail has made some great moves since joining the Orioles, but continuing to make big moves will be crucial if the Orioles hope to become contenders.

Andy MacPhail has made some great moves since joining the Orioles, but continuing to make big moves will be crucial if the Orioles hope to become contenders.

As the Baltimore Orioles complete another disappointing season and prepare for 2010, there are five key questions that team president Andy MacPhail must answer.

Can The O’s Contend in 2010?
Before any other decisions about the team’s future can be addressed, MacPhail and the Baltimore front office must assess the team and realistically determine if they think the Orioles are capable of being a contender in 2010. If so, then they should be much more aggressive in the off-season looking for the final pieces to help the Orioles challenge in the toughest division in the game.

Read the rest of this entry →

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