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ESPN Sportsnation Picks Sports Then and Now as the Site of the Day 14

Posted on January 28, 2010 by Dean Hybl

ESPN's Sportsnation chooses ST&N as the "Site We Like."

Sports Then And Now, was chosen as the “Site We Like” by ESPN’s Sportsnation today. Hosts, Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle, showcased the site especially the post, Ranking The Super Bowls.

This is an incredible honor and deserved recognition for all the folks who put in the effort and long nights to make the Sports Then and Now family successful. Thanks to you and all of our readers!

A Look at the Orioles Potential 2010 Starting Line Up 17

Posted on January 28, 2010 by Ryan Heller

The Baltimore Orioles lineup going to look better rounded and more productive for the upcoming season. Let’s take a look at how the Orioles starting lineup will look for the season that is ahead of them.

Nick Markakis And Adam Jones Hope To Get The Orioles Line Up Back On Track.

Nick Markakis And Adam Jones Hope To Get The Orioles Line Up Back On Track.

At first base you will mostly see Garrett Atkins with that job, and he will also be a good utility guy.

At second base you will see the most loved player Brian Roberts who brings a lot of production for the Orioles and their lineup.

At shortstop you will have a gold glove caliber player Cesar Izturis, who is coming back for his second season with the Orioles, he should be more of a help for the Orioles this time around, as he has a season under his belt and he is more comfortable with the way the Orioles do things.

At third base (a position that he a has never played) the Orioles will welcome back All-Star player Miguel Tejada, his first go around with the Orioles he showed that he is a power hitter and has great fielding ability with a strong arm. Tejada is coming to the Orioles for his second time and he is going to be playing at a position he has never played before, he should be able to learn the position rather easy, as he is a ball player and will try anything to get in the lineup and shine no matter what position or spot in the lineup.

At catcher Matt Wieters will be more helpful this season, as he got his feet wet in the majors last season. This season Wieters should be more relaxed and ready to prove why he was the number one prospect.

In left field Nolan Reimold will be back for his second season in the majors, he showed a lot of promise last season with his ability to hit and field.

In center field Adam Jones, who won the gold glove for his play in the outfield last season. You will see a break out year from Jones this season, as he has proved that he is improving each time he bats or takes the field.

In right field Nick Markakis another one of the Orioles most prized hitters and has knack for making great plays in the outfield.

With a line up like this the Orioles should be able to do a lot of damage to the elite teams in the Major Leagues.

Ravens vs. Patriots Match-Up 4

Posted on January 09, 2010 by Ryan Heller

The Ravens And Patriots Face Off In Round 1 Of The 2009 Playoffs.

In the upcoming Wild Card weekend, the Baltimore Ravens face off with the New England Patriots. This is going to be a great matchup, as the Ravens hard hitting defense goes up against a high powered Patriots offense. The Ravens look to get a little bit of redemption back from the last time they played, which was during the regular season. Last time they played it was a close game all the way down to the final seconds of the game. So look for this game to be a low scoring game, that is going to come down to, which team can out fight the other.

All season long the Ravens have had their ups and downs, but have seemed to still have some will power to get themselves into the playoffs for the second year in a row. The Ravens have showed that they can dominate a game on both defense and offense, but at times have showed that they can get the same treatment handed to them. With the Ravens you do not know what kind of game they could bring Sunday. If the Ravens play like they are capable of and have showed in the past, than they should be in good shape of getting a win and advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

In this game the Ravens need to try to get in charge of the game early, to keep the Patriots off balance and to keep the momentum on their side. The Ravens have struggled in the first half of games this season, they cannot afford to do this in this game or they are going to be in trouble and will get sent home very early in this year’s playoffs. The Ravens have showed that they are a way better second half team, as they are one of the top scoring teams, when it comes to the second half of games. The Ravens need to play strong the entire game, to be able to keep the Patriots in check, and get a win on the road.

The Ravens have played very good in road playoff games, as last year they won two road playoff games before they lost on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and have a great record all-time in road playoff games.  So this should not be a hard task for the Ravens, as they have been in this situation many of times.

Heading into this game the Ravens try to put last year’s playoff run behind them, and start fresh.

The playoffs are a new season, every team starts at 0-0. The two big difference’s with the playoffs than the regular season. One it’s no second chances to rebound from a loss, you lose once you are going home. Two is it means more and it less room for error. Both the Ravens and Patriots are going to put it all on the line, because they know deep down inside how much this game means to them, their city, and their fans.

Some other key parts for the Ravens in this game, is the offense is way better than it has been in years and the running game is still a top part of the Ravens offensive game. The Ravens running game has been very productive this season. With Ray Rice carrying most of the load, he has had a great regular season, so look for Rice to carry his success into the playoffs. Willis McGahee has been the Ravens touchdown maker, he had one of his best games last week, as he ran for 3 touchdowns to help the Ravens get a win and to make the playoffs. Finally Le’ron McClain has made some key third down conversions to keep the Ravens in a rhythm in the offensive game.

This is going to be a great game all around; both teams are going to be ready to fight for their playoff lives this Sunday.

The Orioles Look For A Change In The Up Coming Season 5

Posted on January 01, 2010 by Ryan Heller
Nolan Reimold is a prime example of the talent that the Orioles entail deep in their organization.

Nolan Reimold is a prime example of the talent that the Orioles entail deep in their organization.

It has been a hard and long road from when the Baltimore Orioles were a force to be reckoned with. It used to be an honor to wear anything that had the Orioles name on it. Ever since the Orioles were taken over by the devil himself Peter Angelos, the Orioles have gone downhill. After all these years of losing, the Orioles look for some major changes to get them back on track. Once they turn around this team, it will be a great sight for many die heart Orioles fans.

It seems when the offseason comes for the Baltimore Orioles, they don’t do what they set out to do. The reason for this is the lack of putting out money and or trying to find the right player for the job, they need to start to accomplish this so that they can get to the next level in getting this team back to winning status. I think this year is going to be different, than the discouraging years before. After many different changes to the Orioles roster last season, that helped to get the future of the Orioles a shot to prove themselves in the major leagues, this should pan out to be a stepping stone for the Orioles future.

Entering the offseason the Orioles had many needs that include starting pitching, first base, third base, and closer. The Orioles handle the starting pitching needs right out of the gate at the winter meetings, when the Orioles traded Chris Ray to the Texas Rangers for veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood, who is going to bring a winning presences to the Orioles team as an whole and will have a big part on the young pitching of the Orioles. The Orioles would fix the closing duties, when they signed free agent Mike Gonzalez, who is going to help a lot in the late innings of games, as he has been in that type of situation many times in his career. Gonzalez is going to be a big part in the Orioles ability to close out games in the upcoming season and in the future. Next the Orioles would handle the third base problem, by signing long time Colorado Rockies player Garrett Atkins off the free agents list, Atkins should help the defense of the Orioles all around. Atkins has had some offensive problems, he looks to rebound with the Orioles and get back to his hitting ability, that he has showed the baseball world in the past. The first base needs are still up in the air, they hope to fix that problem before the start of the upcoming baseball season.

With all the moves the Orioles have made this off season should help to make a big change in the upcoming season and the near future of the Orioles franchise. The Orioles are going to be way better than they were last year, as they have made many changes to the team since last season, so you should see a big difference in the way the Orioles go about winning and the game of baseball. With all the talent the Orioles have on the roster now and on the way, the Orioles are definitely on the verge of breaking loose.

The Ravens Keep Their Playoff Dreams Alive, As They Devour The Lions 5

Posted on December 15, 2009 by Ryan Heller


Ray Rice had a big game on the ground, as he helps the Ravens devour the Lions 48-3.

Ray Rice had a big game on the ground, as he helps the Ravens devour the Lions 48-3.

It was a cold and miserable rainy day in the Charm City, as thousands of fans packed M & T Bank Stadium, to watch the resilient Baltimore Ravens take on the underdog in the Detroit Lions. Even though the Ravens were taking on a deprived Lions team, they still have to watch out for the upset, which would all but ruin the Ravens playoff dreams. The Ravens came into this game with the mentality to not take the Lions lightly, as anything could happen any given Sunday. Lardarius Webb stated it perfectly after the game “It was just hard work all week. We did not take this team lightly. They’re a great team. They play so hard. The way they play doesn’t show in their record.”



This game was a great game for the Ravens in all phases of the game.  The Ravens showed that they can rebound from a tough loss, which they suffered last Monday night against the Green Bay Packers. The Ravens finally brought out the three headed monster anchored by second year running back Ray Rice, who had a huge game with 219 total yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. The other two parts of the three headed monster Willis McGahee and Le’Ron McClain both had big games, with McGahee running for two touchdowns on 76 total yards and McClain rushing for 32 yards with a touchdown. All together the Ravens three headed monster totaled 327 yards with 4 touchdowns.

The Ravens passing offense looked good in this game also, with big games from Joe Flacco and Derrick Mason. Flacco was barely touched and had plenty of time to throw the ball to the open receiver, in this game he threw for 230 yards with one touchdown. Mason made one of the most sensational play’s I have seen in a while, when he caught the ball and got struck by two Lions players but managed to stay on his feet and run for 62 yards for the touchdown. The Ravens would not of had this much success on offense if it was not for the magnificent play of the offensive line.

The Ravens defense had a great impact to the ending score, as they held the Lions to only a field goal. In this game the Ravens defense showed a lot of toughness. All in all this was a team effort, as each player had their own role to take care of and they did just that.

Even though the Ravens had key injuries entering this game, with the absence of Ed Reed, Mark Clayton, and Jared Gaither, they still found a way to win the game. The weather was a big factor in the game, as in the first quarter of the game Ray Rice fumbled the ball into the end zone that would be a touchback for the Lions, but the Ravens and Rice would rebound from that and have a record breaking day.

As I was in attendance I show in person the impact of the weather and the success the Ravens had on all sides of the football. If the Ravens can play like what I seen in this game, than the Ravens should soar into the playoffs. The Ravens performance in this game, showed that they still have a lot of pride and fight left in them, so that should go a long way for the rest of the Ravens season.

After The Ravens Fall To The Packers, The Ravens Must Move Forward 2

Posted on December 10, 2009 by Ryan Heller
Joe Flacco was on the run the whole game, as the Ravens fall to the Packers.

Joe Flacco was on the run the whole game, as the Ravens fell to the Packers.

This game was disappointing in many different ways for the Baltimore Ravens, it seems like the Ravens did not bring their a-game, as they were taken down by the Green Bay Packers. The first disappointing aspect of this game is that this was a must win game and the Ravens did not play like they can and needed too in order to get the win. The second is the Ravens did not play hard or with a sense of urgency. The third is the Ravens could not seem to get their running game going, as it was a non factor versus the Packers. The fourth is the Ravens did not play as physical on defense as they can, which is what the Ravens are known for. The fifth and final is that the Ravens let down a lot of people, mainly including the fans from the charm city, who are so passionate about their Ravens.

Let’s take a look at the defining moments of this game; the Ravens were shut out in the first half of the game. The Ravens did not get on the scoreboard in till late in the third quarter. The Ravens scored a touchdown when Kelly Washington caught a pass from Joe Flacco, the Ravens would score another touchdown in a matter of thirty seconds, when Willis McGahee ran the ball into the end zone. Both of these touchdowns were aided by penalties from the Packers, the Ravens would not score for the rest of the game. The Ravens would get in the red zone, but could not seem to get any points, as Flacco would throw an interception.

In this game the Ravens looked like they were not even trying. The Ravens could not seem to get a good rhythm on offense, as they were slow to get out the huddle and slow to get the play started. Another thing I noticed about the Ravens in this game is that they were playing like a team that does not want to make it too the playoffs. Some of the good things about this game are the Ravens defense was playing better as the game went on, but it was some mental issues that kept the Ravens from putting the ball into the end zone. This game was played as a team, so the Ravens lost as a team.

After watching this game, the Ravens showed me that they are not ready to make a playoff push. If they don’t start playing hard and wanting to win, than they will not get a taste of the playoffs this season. The upcoming schedule has a couple of lenient games, as the Ravens play a home game versus the Detroit Lions next week, the Chicago Bears  at home the following week, and  the Oakland Raiders on the road in the final game of the season. The Ravens still have a very meaningful divisional game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road in the game before the last game of the season; the Ravens already got the best of the Steelers in the last game they played together. The Ravens still have a legit chance of making the playoffs.

If the Ravens cannot start winning in these last couple of games, than they will be watching the playoffs from home. Personally I know that the Ravens can turn things around, if they can just play with more intensity and a type of urgency to win, than they should be able to get the job done. I know the talent is there for the Ravens, they just need to act like every game is a must win and stop taking teams lightly. I am the first person to tell you that the Ravens are not playing the best that they are capable of, but it’s nothing that cannot be fixed. Being a passionate fan of the Ravens, it hurts to see them lose these heartbreaking games week after week. So for the last four weeks of the season, the Ravens look to string together a couple of wins, if they can accomplish that, than they should be in good shape to make it into the playoffs.

Just like me, there are many fans that want to see the Ravens make it into the playoffs.

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