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Prime Time: A Cold Battle For First 12

Posted on December 05, 2010 by Ryan Heller

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) vs. Baltimore Ravens (8-3)

The most anticipated game of the year in regards to the AFC North and the Charm City comes into play this upcoming Sunday.

The Baltimore Ravens face-off with the Pittsburgh Steelers for sole possession of first place in the AFC North.

The game is to take place under the lights in a prime time showdown. The teams that are going to showcase this is the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It should be a brutal game, as it always is when they face off.

This is going to be a injury plagued game, as both teams have injuries on both sides of the ball. The thought of this is going to change the outcome of the game for sure. Other than the injuries the Ravens are going to have a big advantage, as they will be playing home and have the fierce cheers of their beloved fans behind them. The cold should just give the game a bit of a winter felt fight.

The first match-up they had this year, does not even equal up to the hype and meaning of this one. The Ravens got the best of the Steelers in the first game with a dramatic finish, this will even better the hype of this game and make the battle for first in the AFC North that much more interesting.

There are going to be a couple of different aspects in the upcoming game, that did not show up in the previous game.

On the Ravens side, the ball hawking Ed Reed was not available. He did not have the chance to spread his wings and show his knack of getting his hands on the ball. With him back the Ravens should have two of the most dominating forces on the football field, with Ray Lewis patrolling the front of the defense and Reed controlling the back of the defense. With them two on the field, look to see hard hits and people flying to the ball.

On the Steelers side, Ben Roethlisberger was not playing. It’s hard not to say that Roethlisberger is not one tough son of a gun. He has unbelievable great movement in the pocket and that makes it hard for the opponents defense to get their hands on him and take him down. So look for a lot of broken plays to be fixed when he takes the field on offense.

With both teams offensive lines depleted look for both defenses to exploit that. Its going to be a lot of hits on both Joe Flacco and Roethlisberger, making this a take them down drag them out game.

One of the big keys to this game is to develop a running game, this will make it easier to pass the ball down field. Whichever team develops the best running game, should have a really good chance of coming away victorious.

Another big key to this game is the new found ability of the Ravens passing game. This should come in effect, as the Steelers secondary is ranked near the bottom of the AFC. With the thought of this, its going to be a must for the Ravens offensive line to protect Flacco.

On the other side the Steelers must find away to protect Roethlisberger or the Ravens defense is going to have a big day in the backfield of the Steelers.

With all this in question, its a matter of what team can answer them more correctly.

Ravens Season Preview: With Week One In The Books 7

Posted on September 14, 2010 by Ryan Heller

After the Baltimore Ravens season ended abruptly in the divisional playoff game, the Ravens look to make a deeper push into the playoffs this season.

Ray Lewis Is The Prime Example Why The Ravens Defense Is So Great.

Anquan Boldin Proved That The Ravens Made The Right Choice By Getting Him.

After making a couple of key off season moves, the Ravens should have a better team on the field. An with the help of these players, there could be another championship brought to the charm city.

The main off season acquisitions came on the offensive side of the ball with Anquan Boldin, Donte’ Stallworth, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh adding some real talent and weapons for Joe Flacco and the rest of the Ravens offense.

It seems that finally the Ravens offense has caught up to the defense, which should make the Ravens a balanced and dangerous team in the NFL.

The new offensive weapons were on showcase Monday night, when the Ravens took on the New York Jets. Boldin had a 110 yards on 7 catches, which was a big part in the Ravens getting the win. Houshmandzadeh had 1 catch for 27 yards, and also helped the Ravens offense with a couple of pass interference calls on the Jets defense. Stallworth is on the disabled list, and should help complement the other two receivers that the Ravens picked up this off season.

Not to mention the outstanding play from tight end Todd Heap who had 6 catches for 72 yards, with a key diving catch for 35 yards to help the Ravens put the Jets away. We should be seeing a lot of this great play from the Ravens offense for the rest of the season.

Lets take a break from the revamped Ravens offense and talk about the Ravens defense that has been the corner stone for the Ravens success in the last couple of years. They showed on Monday night that they still have the power to be great, by just shutting down the other teams offense.

The Ravens defense is one of the leagues best defenses year in and year out, but this year the Ravens offense should be just like the defense and come out on top of the league when it comes to offense.

What the Ravens put on display Monday, is just a taste of whats to come for the Ravens in the upcoming season.

Reversing the Futility – The Plight of the Baltimore Orioles 2

Posted on June 06, 2010 by Alex Rendon

Getting rid of a manager is not going to automatically fix things for the troubles Baltimore Orioles.

As a franchise, firing your manager signals two things to your fan base:

1) This season marks the beginning of our quest to rebuild frantically in order to use it as an excuse for our inevitable suckdom.

2) Our team is now going to be less competitive than Jonah Hill in a triathlon so in order to keep you interested, Elliot Yamin or other reasonably famous people will possibly be signing stuff at the gate every Tuesday game from here on.

After 2 ½ seasons with the Baltimore Orioles, Dave Trembley was fired on June 4th after guiding the Orioles to a paltry .278 winning percentage through the club’s first 54 games.

Largely a victim of being in the wrong situation at the wrong time, Trembley never managed to win more than 68 games with the anemic Orioles, despite expectations each season that the Orioles would improve on the disappointment of the previous one.

Trembley’s dismissal actually came as little surprise to O’s fans as Trembley had recently come under fire for his mismanagement of the pitching staff,  lack of disciplinary tactics, and possibly for looking a little too much like William Shatner.

Now the Orioles are on a quest to find a way to somewhat compete in one of the toughest divisions in Major League Baseball history, as the American League East has produced a different World Series contender in 2009, 2008 and 2007. Read the rest of this entry →

Ravens 2010 Draft at a Glance 15

Posted on April 25, 2010 by Ryan Heller

With the 2010 NFL Draft behind the Baltimore Ravens, they seem to have improved the team dramatically. The excitement seems to build every time Ozzie Newsome makes a pick, and the Ravens should be happy with what they came out of the draft with this year.

The Ravens show off their drafting skills with a couple of great picks

The Ravens started the draft at a slow pace, but picked it up as the Draft went on.  They didn’t start adding to the team until the second day of the draft, but still seemed to make a change with the talent they drafted.

Sergio Kindle - the Ravens found a hard hitting linebacker, just like Ray Lewis. Kindle has a knack of finding the ball. He is a versatile athlete, as he can play linebacker and as easily switch to defensive end. Kindle fits the mold of a Raven, as he is a strong pass rushing blitzing aggressive player, who plays hard. This is just another example of Ozzie picking a great defensive player, that the Ravens are known for. Look for Sergio Kindle as the next big linebacker in Baltimore.

Terrence Cody – the Ravens found the next Haloti Ngata, both are tremendously big football players, and can surely stop the run. Cody should help the Ravens big time this season; it’s going to be a challenge for the opponent to get any progress in the running game. Cody is going to defiantly fit in with the Ravens, as he is a run stopping defensive minded football player.

Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta – the big question is why did they draft two tight ends? The answer is that Todd Heap has been injury prone and having trouble staying healthy, even though he had a pretty good 2009 season. So both of these tight ends are the future of the Ravens and surely going to be trying to prove them self’s this season. Dickson is an excellent receiver that can gain a lot of yards after the catch. Pitta is also a great receiver that can make big plays in the middle of the field. All in all the Ravens have two great tight ends that should solidify the future of this position. Even though they drafted both Dickson and Pitta, they are looking for Dickson to be the successor to Heap.

David Reed – the Ravens drafted Reed to help out in the passing game as well as the return game. Reed brings a great desire to not give up, as he is the type of player that gets knocked out one play and comes back and makes a big impact on the next play. Reed is a tough, aggressive athlete that has some playmaking skills. Look for Reed to try and make a name for himself in the future, but he is going to be a student to the veteran receivers that are on the team this season.

Arthur Jones – he has a lot of injury problems, but the Ravens have faith he will still have an impact for them. Jones has a lot of talent; it’s just a matter of him staying healthy. So we will see if the Ravens made a good decision by drafting him.

Ramon Harewood – he is just another big hefty athlete that the Ravens picked up. Harewood should help a lot with blocking Joe Flacco. He is a big athlete that eats up a lot of space on the football field, but that should help out a lot. So look out for Harewood to make a big impact on the offensive line.

The Ravens had a great 2010 NFL draft, as they both helped make the defense and offense much better and should show once the season starts. So look for these players in the future of the Ravens.

Washington Freedom Select Brittany Bock, Faith Ikidi in Dispersal Draft 1

Posted on February 06, 2010 by Kat Galsim
Photo credit: Charlotte Mace

Photo credit: Charlotte Mace

The Women’s Professional Soccer league (WPS) held the Los Angeles Sol Dispersal Draft with the eight remaining teams via conference call Thursday.

With the seventh pick, the Washington Freedom selected Notre Dame star, Brittany Bock.

“She’s versatile, she can play in multiple positions, and we’re looking forward to seeing her in camp and seeing exactly where she fits in and how she fits in,” said Freedom head coach Jim Gabarra.

Bock fit in nicely with the LA Sol last season, starting 17 of the team’s 18 games. She was part of a solid backline that marked the Sol as the league leader in defense, with a goals against average of 0.5. Read the rest of this entry →

A Look At The Orioles Potential Starting Rotation For The 2010 Season 7

Posted on February 03, 2010 by Ryan Heller
Jeremy Guthrie and the rest of the starting rotation hope to have a great season as a whole.

Jeremy Guthrie and the rest of the starting rotation hope to have a great season as a whole.

The Baltimore Orioles are at the bottom when it comes to starting pitching production, but the Orioles hope to improve that with their young arms, and with help from the veteran pitching that is on the ball club and that was acquired this off season should help the Orioles starting pitching to finally turn the corner. Let’s take a look at the Orioles starting rotation for the baseball season up ahead.

In the number one spot Jeremy Guthrie should be at number one, because the Orioles are familiar with him and knows the production he can put up, it’s just matter of him getting the first batter out in the beginning of innings and getting more run production, which should be there with the Orioles revamped line up, so look for Guthrie to have a great season for the Orioles pitching staff.

In the number two spot Brad Bergesen, who was having a great season before he was injured, if he looks at the positives of how great he was pitching before his unlikely shin injury, and then he should be a big part in the Orioles success. Bergesen is in the second spot, because he showed a lot of pitching ability and proved that he can pitch at this level rather easy.

In the number three spot newly acquired veteran Kevin Millwood, he should be a big help for himself and the young pitchers that pitch ahead of his spot and after his spot. Millwood and the Orioles should have a great season, as Millwood is a inning eater, and the Orioles are not used to that, so that should benefit them in the pitching department, mainly including giving the bullpen rest. So Millwood and his veteran presences should help the Orioles young pitchers to get a better understanding of what goes into pitching consistently at this level.

In the number four spot Brian Matusz who got his chance to show his stuff last season, after an injury to one of the Orioles starters. He showed a lot of poise, and surprised the Orioles with his magnificent pitching ability; he should help the Orioles big time in the upcoming season. He should benefit from this spot in the rotation, as he still has a lot to prove to the Orioles and the rest of the major leagues, so in this spot he should be able to relax and improve his pitching.

In the fifth and final spot Chris Tillman who started off his career on a high note with a win against a pretty good Angels team. He started to decline after that, as he only recorded one more win after that. Tillman hopes to take what he learned last season and turn it into something great for the upcoming season. He should have a big season, as he was a rookie in training last season, so he should be more aware of his surroundings in the major leagues and focus on getting better. This spot in the rotation should give Tillman time to watch and learn some pitching techniques from the pitchers that pitch in front of his spot, especially newly acquired Kevin Millwood.

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