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Spring Training Is Underway For The Orioles 227

Posted on February 24, 2012 by Ryan Heller

With spring training underway, the Baltimore Orioles look to change the script in baseball this season.

The Orioles arrive at spring training, with the Orioles in the confines of Ed Smith Stadium they hope to use the great scenery to their advantage.

A lot of changes were made in the Orioles organization. With Andy MacPhail leaving, the Orioles brought in Dan Duquette to take over his position as President of Baseball Operations. Soon as Duquette joined he started making more changes himself. He brought in two foreign arms in Wei-Yin Chen and Tsuyoshi Wada.

With the signing of Chen the Orioles should have a great veteran left hander for their starting rotation. Chen is the first Taiwanese player in Orioles history and wants to prove he belongs with the Orioles. He is also happy with the change of scenery and hopes to make a difference for the Orioles.

The signing of Wada also brings another veteran arm for the Orioles starting rotation. Wada had great success pitching in Japan. He had a winning record and helped Japan to a bronze medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics. His success should bold well for the Orioles in their return to greatness.

He signed Wilson Betemit off the free agents list. Wilson should be a great fit for the Orioles. He should be able to fit well at third base and all over the infield, but should be a great designated hitter.

Duquette added some more arms, which should help the Orioles this season. One more big change he made was trading Jeremy Guthrie to the Colorado Rockies. Guthrie was a great pitcher for Baltimore, but his trade brought in two good arms to help in Matt Lindstrom and Jason Hammel.

There are a lot of question marks coming into this spring training for the Orioles.

One of the main questions is who is going to play second base? With the health of Brian Roberts uncertain, the Orioles may have to look elsewhere for second base. Robert Andino helped the Orioles at second base last season, so he might be a great choice for the Orioles at second base this season.

Also the pitching staff is in question coming into this season. The starting rotation should be strong, but it’s just a matter of sorting through all the starting pitchers that are in camp.

The bullpen should be strong as well; just finding the pitchers for the back end of the bullpen is going to be tricky.

The Orioles have plenty of options for the pitching staff, so they have choices. The Orioles pitching coach just has to choose the right choice for each part of the pitching staff. If the right choices are made, then the Orioles should be successful this season.

Once spring training is over, the question marks should be answered.

The changes the Orioles made this off-season should play out in the regular season. For now the Orioles are in spring training and working on turning these changes into a successful season.

The Season Begins With A Tough Task At M&T Bank Stadium: Baltimore Ravens Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers… 60

Posted on September 09, 2011 by Ryan Heller

The Baltimore Ravens off-season was heartbreaking and uplifting.

All The Off-Season Moves Are Done, Now It's Time To Get The Season On The Way.

With the departure of key players such as the beloved Todd Heap. Others included Derrick Mason, Willis McGahee, Kelly Gregg, Dawn Landry and Le’Ron McClain. This brought a lot of questions from the critics and heartbreak to the fans.

The arrivals answered some of these questions and put hope back into the fans hearts.

The draft brought cornerback Jimmy Smith and wide receiver Torrey Smith, these two players are going to make an immediate impact.

After the lockout ended the Ravens signed veteran fullback Vonta Leach. Leach should help fill the spot left by McClain, the two fullbacks’ have two different styles and I think that Leach will fit well as a Raven.

The Ravens signed Bernard Pollard to replace Dawan Landry. Pollard ‘the angry man’ should fit well with the defense, as he is a hard hitting safety that plays hard every down. With the nickname angry man what do you expect?

The Ravens would trade for Lee Evans, who should be a step up to Mason in the regard to speed and stretching the field. Evans should provide a part to the offense, that the Ravens have so desperately needed.

The Ravens would also add some players that have showed talent during training camp and the preseason. So when the Ravens take the field you will see some new faces, there is no need to panic because they are here to compete and help the Ravens win some games.

The lockout has affected all of the Ravens players, but that has not stopped them from getting ready for the season. The Ravens showed a lot of effort and determination during traning camp. The preseason had a very good showing of promise with the young guys who took the field and also the veterans showed that they are ready to have a successful season.

The preseason is over and the 53-man roster is set, now it’s time for the Ravens to get geared up and play some football.

With the NFL season slated to start this upcoming Sunday, the Ravens are looking to finally dismantle the Pittsburgh Steelers and put an end to the non-believers.

The Ravens game plan is simple, tire out the Steelers defense. The way this can be accomplished is the Ravens have to convert more third downs and keep the offense on the field. The game plan should also help the defense as well. This will keep the defense fresh when the time comes for them to hit the field.

These two teams know each other very well, and they surely don’t like each other when it comes to what goes down on the field. So look for both teams to give all they got in this brutal battle of football gladiators.

The Ravens are coming into this game healthy and ready to fight for a win. The Steelers are a little banged up, but who isn’t in this game. They should be ok, as they surely are going to bring their A-game just like the Ravens. The past games will not have much effect on this game and the teams in it, as both the Ravens and Steelers are looking to Sunday and what that game has to offer. This game is surely going to offer a lot, as this is a division game that is going to showcase a lot of jolting hits.

This game is very important for the Ravens, as they have had struggles against the Steelers.  The Ravens want to look past their struggles, and get an edge in the division and get a step on the Steelers. This can be possible if the Ravens fight throughout the game and keep to their game plan.

It’s not going to be an easy task, as the Steelers are a tough team to have success against. Plain and simple the Ravens are not the only team that has fits against the Steelers, it happens throughout the league.

This game is going to have a lot of excitement. With the hard hits, trash talking, and straight smash mouth football. Both teams are going to be fighting for every yard and taking anything they can get. Whatever team that can keep the fight raging is going to come out of this victorious.

It’s enough of me talking, it is just time to sit back and get ready to watch a huge rivalry between two teams who have the weapons to make this a brutal battle in the AFC.

Season Preview:

The Ravens have a couple of tough games this season.

The games include opponents such as the New York Jets, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, and the San Diego Chargers. The Jets and the Steelers games should be great when it comes to defensive oriented games. The Colts are still a risky team to play, even if Peyton Manning plays or not. The Chargers game should have some effect in the AFC, as both the Ravens and the Chargers are two teams that will probably make a run in the playoffs.  One other game that will be fun is the San Francisco 49ers game, as it puts the Harbaugh brothers against each other. It all comes down to which brother wants the bragging rights in the family.

Below is a link to the full schedule:


Orioles win 5 straight and get back to .500 16

Posted on May 26, 2011 by Ryan Heller

After a tough loss to the Washington Nationals in the start of interleague play, the Baltimore Orioles would rebound and win the series and win 5 straight.

The Orioles Have Shown Resilience Throughout Their Recent Success

In the first game the Orioles would be beat bad on both sides of the ball, as they would lose 17-5. They would get their pride back in the next game, as they would get a pretty good start from Jeremy Guthrie and get some much needed offense. This would carry over to the finale, as the Orioles would get just enough off of Vlad Guerrero’s bat to seal a 2-1 win and a series win.

After a day off the Orioles would get back to work against the Kansas City Royals.

The Orioles in this game would have to battle from behind to get the win. They would accomplish this in the bottom of the 9th. The resilience of the Orioles would show up on the bat of Adam Jones, as he rocketed a walk-off home-run.

It would be a different story in the second game, as the Orioles offense would pour out 8 runs in the 4th inning. The Orioles would never look back and would win a one sided slugfest 9-2. This would set-up the stage for the finale.

In the finale the game would be back and forth at the beginning until the pitchers would get settled down. It would be tied and would have to be settled in extra innings. It was a fight throughout extra innings, as both teams would have chances to win. The Orioles would be on the winning side of this and would finish the sweep and extend their win streak to 5.

After having great success in their home stand, the Orioles look to extend their success on the road. On this road trip the Orioles look to extend their win streak and maybe get above the .500 mark.

2011 NFL Draft..Day 1: Baltimore Ravens 36

Posted on April 30, 2011 by Ryan Heller

The Baltimore Ravens First Round Selection...

The Baltimore Ravens came into this years draft like always, looking for a legit football player that can embody what it means to be a Raven.

The Ravens I think got a great player in Jimmy Smith. Smith has alot of talent, but has some issues off the field that just interfere with his great football skills. Smith got drafted by the best team in regards of getting his head right, the Ravens locker room is filt with veterans that will make sure that happens.

Smith should help the Ravens in all aspects on defense, as he will fill a spot that has been lacking the last couple of seasons. Smith is a great corner that is quick to the ball and can cover alot of ground.

If Smith can keep his head straight, than the Ravens will have a great player, but if he cant than who knows.

The upcoming season will only tell…

A Brutal Battle Takes Place This Upcoming Saturday 9

Posted on January 14, 2011 by Ryan Heller

The Baltimore Ravens try to keep their playoff run intact. It’s going to be tough task, as the Ravens are going to be facing their

The Baltimore Ravens versus the Pittsburgh Steelers is going to be a hard hitting game

arch rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the two games they played in the regular season were only decided by three points. So look for this game to be close to the very end.

It’s going to be a brutal fight, as both teams are hard nosed smash mouth football teams and they just don’t like each other.

These type of games are built for the teams that play dominating defense and that can sustain a running game.

In this game it’s going to take a lot of will power and strength to come away with the win.

There is not going to be much scoring in this game, but their will be a lot of jaw wrenching hits.

Josh Wilson and Mike Wallace should have a great battle in this game

Both the Steelers and Ravens have proven that they can run the ball with great success. So look for Ray Rice and Rashard Mendenhall to try and take the game in their hands and run with it.

If the Ravens get their running game up and running, then look for Joe Flacco to get some great chances to pass it down field and complete it to the likes of Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason, T.J. Houshmanzadeh (who caught the game winning touchdown in the first meeting at Pittsburgh early in the regular season) and not to mention Rice has great hands and can have a big impact in the passing game and on offense.

On the other hand if the Steelers get their running game going, then look for Ben Roethlisberger to be able to move in the pocket freely and that means that he will be able to complete passes to Hines Ward or complete them deep to speedy Mike Wallace.

Another aspect to look at on offense with both teams is tight end, this position should have a big impact on this game.

Todd Heap for the Ravens who had a great 108 yard reciveing game in the wild card round of the playoffs.

Heath Miller for the Steelers who is a big part of their offense, he is especially is the go to guy for Roethlisberger when he is under pressure.

Now let’s take a look at the defense for both teams which is going to be what the game consists of mainly.

The Ravens defense just came off a remarkable game where they forced 5 turnovers. They are going to try to keep the momentum going in this game and play some old fashion smash mouth football. They will also try and take the ball from Roethlisberger and company.

The Steelers didn’t play wildcard weekend, so their defense got some much needed rest. Everybody knows the greatness that lies on the defensive side of the Steelers. So they pretty much are going to try and do the same as the Ravens and that is force turnovers.

The whole home field advantage comes into play in this game, but the Ravens are the best team on the road in the playoffs. So this really shouldn’t affect how the Ravens perform in this game.

Now for the big question rest versus momentum. The Steelers got to rest, as the Ravens had to play last week.

The Ravens are going to be in game form, as they played last weekend and got a win in the wild card game against the Kansas City Chiefs. So look for the Ravens to be ready to battle.

Now the Steelers are going to be rested, but it will take them a little time to get into game mode and that should play out well for the Ravens.

Will power against will power and strength versus strength, which ever team gives in first will fall this Saturday.

Get ready for a fantastic game.

A Wild Card Clash In The AFC 8

Posted on January 07, 2011 by Ryan Heller

Baltimore Ravens (12-4) Vs. Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)

With the playoffs on the way, the Baltimore Ravens look to keep their success on the road in the playoffs rolling. With that it could

The Baltimore Ravens clash with the Kansas City Chiefs this upcoming Sunday.

give them a chance for a second Super Bowl victory in team history.

The Ravens need to stick to their old way’s by playing dominate defense and dishing out a large helping of Ray Rice. This should give them the needed help to win the first round and deep into the playoffs.

Look for Joe Flacco to have plenty of chance’s to pass down the field, especially if Rice gets going. Flacco is one of the best play-action fake quarterback’s in the NFL. If Flacco gets going it’s going to be trouble for the Kansas City Chiefs.

There are a lot of impact player’s starring in this “Wild-Card Showdown” this Sunday.

On the Ravens side, the defense showcase’s two of the most influential player’s that are  in the NFL Ray Lewis and Ed Reed who are definitely going to leave their impact on this game. With both of them playing on defense it makes the rest of the defense play at a unbelievable level.

The offense has two player’s that will show up in this game and that is Rice and Anquan Boldin. With the running talent of Rice and the tough catching ability of Boldin, it should be a great day for Flacco and the Ravens offense.

On the Chiefs side, the defense has a lot of talent with their two impact player’s rookie safety Eric Berry and veteran outside linebacker Mike Vrabel. Both of them should have a chance to stop the Ravens running attack and passing attack if not jump started.

The offense has two impact player’s that have to have a big day  in order for the chiefs to even have the thought of winning against the high powered Ravens and that is Matt Cassel and Dwayne Bowe. Not to mention that they have to get some sort of running game, to not be one dimensional in this game. This needs to happen or the Ravens are going to have a fun day this Sunday.

This should be an interesting game as the Chiefs have one of the best running attacks in the AFC and the Ravens are sporting one of the best defenses. The game will mostly likely come down to this aspect.

The Ravens defense may bend in this game, but surely not going to break. The Ravens can’t afford to get tired in the fourth quarter, where they are known for blowing leads this season.

With talent on both sides for the Chiefs and Ravens, it should be a close game and surely going to be a great one.

The Ravens should be able to come away with the victory if they stick to running the ball and letting Flacco show off his play-action skills.

But if none of this comes into play than look for the Chiefs to be celebrating a win against a great football team.

Well it’s enough of me writing, now it’s time to watch the game and see who can be the last team standing this Sunday afternoon.

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