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After The Ravens Fall To The Packers, The Ravens Must Move Forward

Posted on December 10, 2009 by Ryan Heller
Joe Flacco was on the run the whole game, as the Ravens fall to the Packers.

Joe Flacco was on the run the whole game, as the Ravens fell to the Packers.

This game was disappointing in many different ways for the Baltimore Ravens, it seems like the Ravens did not bring their a-game, as they were taken down by the Green Bay Packers. The first disappointing aspect of this game is that this was a must win game and the Ravens did not play like they can and needed too in order to get the win. The second is the Ravens did not play hard or with a sense of urgency. The third is the Ravens could not seem to get their running game going, as it was a non factor versus the Packers. The fourth is the Ravens did not play as physical on defense as they can, which is what the Ravens are known for. The fifth and final is that the Ravens let down a lot of people, mainly including the fans from the charm city, who are so passionate about their Ravens.

Let’s take a look at the defining moments of this game; the Ravens were shut out in the first half of the game. The Ravens did not get on the scoreboard in till late in the third quarter. The Ravens scored a touchdown when Kelly Washington caught a pass from Joe Flacco, the Ravens would score another touchdown in a matter of thirty seconds, when Willis McGahee ran the ball into the end zone. Both of these touchdowns were aided by penalties from the Packers, the Ravens would not score for the rest of the game. The Ravens would get in the red zone, but could not seem to get any points, as Flacco would throw an interception.

In this game the Ravens looked like they were not even trying. The Ravens could not seem to get a good rhythm on offense, as they were slow to get out the huddle and slow to get the play started. Another thing I noticed about the Ravens in this game is that they were playing like a team that does not want to make it too the playoffs. Some of the good things about this game are the Ravens defense was playing better as the game went on, but it was some mental issues that kept the Ravens from putting the ball into the end zone. This game was played as a team, so the Ravens lost as a team.

After watching this game, the Ravens showed me that they are not ready to make a playoff push. If they don’t start playing hard and wanting to win, than they will not get a taste of the playoffs this season. The upcoming schedule has a couple of lenient games, as the Ravens play a home game versus the Detroit Lions next week, the Chicago Bears  at home the following week, and  the Oakland Raiders on the road in the final game of the season. The Ravens still have a very meaningful divisional game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road in the game before the last game of the season; the Ravens already got the best of the Steelers in the last game they played together. The Ravens still have a legit chance of making the playoffs.

If the Ravens cannot start winning in these last couple of games, than they will be watching the playoffs from home. Personally I know that the Ravens can turn things around, if they can just play with more intensity and a type of urgency to win, than they should be able to get the job done. I know the talent is there for the Ravens, they just need to act like every game is a must win and stop taking teams lightly. I am the first person to tell you that the Ravens are not playing the best that they are capable of, but it’s nothing that cannot be fixed. Being a passionate fan of the Ravens, it hurts to see them lose these heartbreaking games week after week. So for the last four weeks of the season, the Ravens look to string together a couple of wins, if they can accomplish that, than they should be in good shape to make it into the playoffs.

Just like me, there are many fans that want to see the Ravens make it into the playoffs.

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